Martin Lambie-Nairn

It’s the 29th of May 1953. Following an arduous and brave expedition, an unknown climber from New Zealand has become the first person to conquer the highest mountain in the world. Within days Sir Edmund Hillary has become a household name and an icon for courage and fortitude.

Here we see the great man relaxing after the event. Sharing the moment is little known Nepali Sherpa called Tenzing Norgay. An expert mountaineer with nearly twenty years experience of Everest under his belt, his passion and skill has helped both men to reach the summit together. The powerful combination of Hillary’s ambition and Norgay’s knowledge has achieved the impossible.

For Martin Lambie-Nairn, this image wonderfully encapsulates the hidden teamwork that goes on behind so many great achievements. In fact Hillary and Tenzing were part of an expedition team of over 400 people, which included 362 porters, 20 Sherpa guides and 10,000 pounds of baggage.

Everything Martin Lambie-Nairn has worked on in his career has been a mountain of sorts. Every achievement has been a partnership of brilliant people bound by a common vision.

And like Tenzing, Martin Lambie-Nairn has always seen himself as a guide; someone who understands the commercial power of creativity and how to deploy it; someone who is led by a passion for craft and technical excellence and someone who has been climbing a long time; a trusted partner for those wanting to avoid the dangerous pitfalls that so often accompany the mountains we call brands.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay