Re-writing the rules

Occasionally a project really does change the world. It’s 1982 and there are just three terrestrial television stations broadcasting in the UK. Our task? To brand what was to become the most ground breaking television channel of all time, Channel 4. Identifying Channel 4’s defining feature gave us the core of our concept. Channel 4 is a publisher-broadcaster, commissioning programmes from external suppliers – a ‘coming together of parts’. We brought this idea to life through a bold, pioneering identity, most visibly on-screen with a series of innovative animations. The results were extraordinary. The brand immediately demonstrated that it could not only engage with its audience, achieving high levels of attention and recognition, but that it could also inspire and enthuse its employees. After 30 years the same thinking still endures, defining the way in which the company thinks of itself and the way in which it communicates with its’ audience.